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Monday, August 18, 2008

A frustrating first day of racing here as we went out, came in and then went out again to race at 4pm. We finally started a race in light breeze, and all was going well as we were placed in the top few boats. Then the breeze died and swung 80 degrees to the left and hung the leading group out to dry. So we placed 11th.

Following that we had a couple of very tough days on the water here with fickle winds making for tough sailing. In Race 4 we unfortunately broke our mast on the way to the finish whilst coming 6th, which meant drifting over 2nd last with the mast in the water!

Followed that race up with a very respectable 2nd though…maybe it was the spare mast!

My wife and daughters are having a great time over here in Qingdao, and it’s been good to have them here as my noisy Aussie cheer squad!

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Allison Somers said...

See it all turned out ok in the end. How wonderful to travel the world and do what you love the most, "Sailing".